University of St. Thomas - Houston Master of Science in Nursing Degree Program students working in hospitalIf you’re ready to advance your nursing career and increase your earning potential, consider the UST Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program. With UST’s unique focus on holistic healing, you’ll learn how to engage with a patient’s body, mind and spirit to care for the whole person.

Tailored for working nurses, UST’s MSN program is flexible. With full-time and part-time degree plan options, you can complete the MSN in 2-3 years while still working a full-time job.

Course work is online, with simulation labs being held at UST’s state of the art Center for Science and Health Professions.

The Graduate Nursing Student Success Center offers mentorship and guidance specifically for nursing students on how to balance work and graduate coursework, and how to develop professionally.

With UST’s state-of-the-art Center for Science and Health Professions and proximity to some of the nation’s leading hospitals and medical research organizations including the Texas Medical Center, you’ll have everything you need to succeed.

If you want to advance your nursing career and have the financial means to support your family even more, data shows that a graduate degree in nursing will help you advance. Nurse practitioners earn about $42,000 more a year (median annual salary) than Registered Nurses. That amounts to as much as $1.75 million more in lifetime earnings.

A Lucrative Profession with Purpose

University of St. Thomas - Houston Master of Science in Nursing Degree Program - RN in hospitalMost people enter the health professions with the drive to help people. What’s wonderful about nursing is that it also offers tremendous career opportunities. The UST MSN can empower you to be a

  • Clinical leader
  • Expert in Clinical Simulation
  • Nurse Administrator
  • Nurse Educator

No matter which area you choose, you have the potential to attain a level of financial and professional flexibility that those without graduate degrees often cannot.

Requirements Disclaimer:
This is an online program and international students cannot maintain or obtain F-1 student visa or status or I-20 form through this program.