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Music Preparatory School


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Music Preparatory School

The Music Preparatory School seeks to enlighten, excite and educate all children and adults who have a desire to make music a part of their lives. Our goal is to make music available and affordable to all individuals regardless of age, race, ethnic origin or financial means.

  • Individual or group instruction that complements public and private school programs
  • Instruction for adults with amateur interests in music
  • Training school for exceptionally gifted pre-college musicians

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Summer Music Camps

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Additional Programs
  • Private/Individual lessons in piano, guitar, voice and orchestral instruments and composition
  • Orchestra, Children’s Choir, Group Piano and Guitar and Voice classes available
  • Beginning Group Class Piano for Cardinal Circle School students
    • Flexible schedule
    • Choice of faculty or student instructors
    • Lessons and classes held in Cullen Hall, the University music building, 4001 Mt. Vernon Street
    • Suggested daily practice amount equals amount of weekly instruction (weekly 30-minute lesson equates to 30 minutes a day in practice)
    • Classes available by request at any time of the year
    • Fees payable in advance at the first lesson of each month
      • Payment via cash or check only
    • Individual, non-degree granting music theory/history instruction is available for pre-college and non-traditional students
  • Music Theory/History Classes
    • Includes the following topics: ear training, note reading, sight-reading, intervals, rhythm, terms — all basics of music. Preparation for the Texas Music Teachers Association state theory tests and World of Music tests (music history).
    • Call 713-525-3566 for fees and more information.
  • Music Appreciation, Theory and History
    • Includes the following topics: note reading, theory, intervals, chords, form and analysis, composers’ lives and music, listening for style and instrumentation and character of the music. Basic keyboard proficiency as time allows.
    • Grades 3 through 12: classes are divided by experience level, including beginner.
    • Call 713-525-3566 for fees and more information.
      • Paul Krystofiak, Director, Music Preparatory School