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Websites for Information About Travel and Tips Abroad

Students might find the following links helpful in preparation for a study abroad experience. Please note that UST procedures and restrictions take precedence in cases of conflicting information.

A great feature IIE has to offer is, which is your single stop for study abroad financial aid opportunities and information. Search for financial aid by country, subject or specific personal preferences. You will also find numerous helpful articles on study abroad funding, as well as study abroad financial aid links.

Advisors are always concerned about student safety during study abroad programs. That's why IEE has written “Study Abroad Safety Tips for Female Students.” While the focus is on how female students can play it safe overseas, the article covers many safety tips for all study abroad students.

To Enter the Country


This essential item can be obtained by filling out an application at certain post offices. Call the different locations nearest to you to find out if they are an authorized location. For further information, visit the U.S. Department of State website. Please allow 60 days for processing!


(Foreign Students only) You should check with local consulates to find out if a visa is required for entry, study or for a stay beyond a given period of time.

To Function in the Country


Contact your bank to see if they have a partnership with any banks your destination country and to make sure your bank is aware that you may use your bank card in the destination country.  It is good idea to convert some U.S. dollars into the currency of the destination country. Credit cards are useful, especially for emergencies. Be careful about changing money, many places take advantage of tourists and charge a great deal of commission or give a horribly low exchange rate. Shop around to get the best deal. ATM Cards (Cirrus and Pulse) will provide your best exchange rate.

There are several options you can check into prior to your departure.  Here are 3:

  1. Thomas Cook has a convenient option.
  2. Texas Currency Exchange has a branch in Houston where you can convert some money prior to departure.
  3. Travelex Currency Services located in the Galleria.


The International Student Identification Card is the only student ID that is recognized in other countries. It is very valuable. To find out the benefits and obtain an ISIC card, visit

Calling Card

Using your cell phone internationally can be quite expensive. Since calling internationally can also be very difficult, calling cards can be purchased in the country/countries you will be visiting. There is an 800 number on the calling card that will walk you through the easy-to-understand instructions in English.

Traveling in the Country


Railroad passes offer a great deal of flexibility and a wonderful way to see Europe. Please visit EURAIL PASS to find more information.

Youth Hostel Card

With a youth hostel card, you can stay in hostels while you are touring other parts of the country. Hostels are a relatively inexpensive, good way to meet other traveling students. Don't miss out on your traveling experience because you are not prepared. Having this card in advance will be beneficial and make your stay more exciting.