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University of St. Thomas derives many advantages from being located in a city with a strong international focus. The University is constantly increasing opportunities for its students to develop a global perspective. Knowledge of different peoples and cultures through study and internships in foreign countries is valuable preparation for participating in the emerging global economy and culture.

As many as 10 percent of UST’s full-time undergraduate students study abroad annually. UST offers students a variety of ways to study outside of the United States on an individual, semester-long basis. This may be done through student exchange with sister universities or on a non-exchange basis elsewhere.

UST also offers faculty-led (group) study abroad programs by UST faculty during winter break and the summer session. Popular past locations include the following countries: Ireland, England, Italy, Spain, France, China, Taiwan, Greece, Israel, Czech Republic, Hungary, Chile and Jamaica. Part-time and graduate students are also eligible to participate in these programs.

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