Study Abroad in IrelandLimerick is Ireland’s first city of culture, located in the province of Munster on the west coast. The Irish Chamber Orchestra is based at the University of Limerick. From the Limerick City Gallery of Art to its Fresh Film Festival every spring, the arts are widely celebrated. Traditionally Limerick’s economy was based in agriculture but has recently expanded to include tech ventures and medical device production. Known for more than the humorous five-line verses with an AABBA rhyme pattern, contemporary writers and poets include Frank McCourt (Angela’s Ashes) and Mark Whelan (Cuisle Limerick City International Poetry Festival).

Mary Immaculate College — University of Limerick

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As a Catholic university, Mary Immaculate College maintains and active religious life that values Christian tenets, freedom and personal responsibility. Mary Immaculate has a reputation for sound scholarship, professional quality and academic excellence. The informal, friendly atmosphere and concern for individual students creates a warm welcome for new students.

Application Process
Your application and the following items must be submitted to the Study Abroad Office located in Tiller Hall. 

Application Deadlines 

  • Please follow up with the Study Abroad Office located in Tiller Hall. 
  • Please note — With late applications, students risk having insufficient time to obtain student visas and other authorizations. Processing time at embassies can take up to three months.
Additional Information for Exchange Students