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Study Abroad in Salamanca, SpainAlong with Houston’s international focus, UST recognizes that knowledge of different peoples and cultures through study and internships in foreign countries is valuable preparation for participating in the emerging global economy and culture. 

Please review UST’s study abroad exchange locations and partners below.

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Exciting Locations for Study Abroad

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Group Study Abroad Programs

About Group Study Abroad

Study Abroad in ChinaUST offers many exciting, faculty-led, group study programs during winter break and summer sessions. These programs take students out from behind four walls and create rich environments for immersive learning. While students participate in rigorous academic coursework, excursions and free time provide ample opportunity for participants to explore their surroundings.

Group Study Abroad Locations


Individual Study Abroad Programs

About Individual Exchange Partner Programs

Study Abroad Program

Formal exchange programs are arranged by the University to facilitate the students’ completion of financial, academic and administrative requirements of the host university.

Courses taken at partner exchange universities are evaluated with grades in addition to credit granted by UST. 

  • View a full list of partner exchange universities in the "Individual Study Abroad Locations" section below.

Financial transactions are treated as if the student were still taking classes at UST. UST students taking courses at a sister exchange university can also use financial aid allotted for their studies at UST.

Students within 36 hours of graduation can take courses at an exchange program and still be considered “in residence.”

Individual Non-Exchange Programs

If a student wishes to study at an institution other than one of UST’s formal exchange partners, students can consult with the study abroad director to discuss alternatives. Study outside of extant sister exchange agreements can be arranged through third parties such as other universities or consortiums.

Approved courses taken in non-exchange programs will transfer as credits, not grades. Utilization of financial aid in such cases may be extremely limited. Students within 36 hours of graduation should not expect courses taken in a non-exchange program to transfer towards their remaining hours to graduation.

IIE Passport
IIEPassport is a service of the Institute of International Education and is committed to providing the best quality both in program information and supporting resources. IIEPassport provides advisors with tools they can use when helping students choose a study abroad program. The site itself, with over 8,000 program listings, is the most comprehensive and reliable study abroad resource on the web. Students can search for programs by country, language, subject and other criteria using a general or advanced search form.

Study Abroad Directory and Information — a valuable resource for study abroad opportunities

Study Abroad Funding — a valuable resource for study abroad scholarships

Please see more opportunities for UST study abroad scholarships.

The Council for International Education Exchange provides information about travel safety and health precautions.

University of Tartu in Estonia -
International Summer University -

The University of Tartu has a summer program university that provides opportunities for individuals to study for short terms. “All these programs will take place in July 2018 and the University of Tartu awards ECTS credit points. The courses are taught by our best professors and the students will gain valuable first-hand knowledge about the contemporary and historical factors which influence the European content, primarily its politics and economics.”

The Summer University includes programs in:

  • Social Sciences, Law and Business Programs
  • Humanities and Language Programs

These include:

Individual Study Abroad Locations

Summer Study Abroad Opportunities

Summer School

EM Strasbourg Business School’s International Summer School 2018

The program includes:

  • Challenging and thought provoking classes on how business is conducted in Europe.
  • Case studies and team-building projects that help students develop their problem-solving, decision-making and interpersonal skills.
  • Visits to a variety of companies in conjunction with the “Business in Europe” class.
  • An interactive and experiential class on Strasbourg, the cross-border region and the history of European Integration, taking place in and outside of the classroom in conjunction with a series of visits around the city to important European governing bodies.
  • Cultural visits: Tours of the principal museums, a visit to Haut-Koenigsbourg castle in the beautiful Vosges Mountains, boat tour and guided tour of Strasbourg.

Two sessions will take place on the following dates:

  • May 31 - June 29, 2018
  • June 13 - July 11, 2018

The deadline for applications is April 1st 2018.

ICES French Summer School

ICES French Summer School offers a comprehensive3-week study abroad package for French language study.

This Summer Program takes place July 2-July 20, 2018, to create more opportunities for foreign students to immerse into French Language, Culture and History.

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Wenzou Urseline University of Languages Summer Camp 2018

This 3-Week Summer Chinese Culture Camp offers an opportunity to experience culture and at the same time learn Chinese.

  • Date: 14th July - 4th August, 2018
  • Early Bird Special: $350 Until April 16, 2018
  • Registration Deadline: June 1, 2018

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Before applying please contact the offices for Study Abroad as indicated “for more information” below.

For More Information

For any questions you may have contact Helen Shaw, program coordinator, at 713-525-3535 or


  • Visit the Study Abroad library in Tiller Hall. 
  • All students should confer with their academic advisor.
Still Deciding Where to Go?

Please contact Claudia Baba, program coordinator, at 713-525-3535 or