Important Dates

Research and Travel Funding Deadlines

Expense Reimbursement

For project funding for research and travel, monies will be transferred to the mentor’s department budget. Reimbursement will be made throughout the year by submitting the appropriate forms and receipts (keep copies) to the appropriate department chair. At the end of the project, faculty advisors must submit final expense reports and a project report for each student. Final expense reports are due no later than one month before the end of the fiscal year during which the money was awarded. The limit for funding requests is $750 per individual and $5,000 per department per year. The committee will consider requests of any amount but may fund only a portion of the amount requested. Allocated but unspent funds will revert to the Committee on Student Research budget. See guidelines below.

Funding Guidelines

Acceptable funding categories:

Travel: Necessary for research or for presentation of research

Equipment: At the end of the project, UST reserves the first right of refusal for the ownership of equipment funded through this program.

Materials: Photocopying, computer time and supplies.

Supplies: Chemicals, art products, poster supplies, etc.

Proposals will be awarded funding up to a maximum of $750 per project. However, the committee reserves the right to exercise discretion to exceed this funding limit under special circumstances.

Funding for travel to present research at a conference is allowed for authors. Conference travel will be awarded a maximum of $750, except under special circumstances.

Groups (four members plus student authors) attending a conference will have funds disbursed directly to the department chair/sponsor. It is the responsibility of the chair/sponsor to submit final expense reports.

Departments requesting support for groups of student authors attending a single event should contact Dr. Shuoyang Zhang at

Documentation of the conference must be submitted with the expense statement (dates, location, hotel costs, registration costs, etc.). You must also provide evidence of conference participation (copy of submitted abstract, conference program, etc.). The committee reserves the right to make exceptions in special circumstances.

You are encouraged to pay your own expenses and file for reimbursement after the fact. Expense statements must be approved by the faculty advisor and submitted within 30 days of the end of the conference or research trip. Failure to do so will result in the grant being forfeited, and the funds will be reallocated to the Undergraduate Research Committee.

Please document any contributions provided by the department in your cover sheet. In addition, funds provided to the student must be documented to help determine the total costs of undergraduate research at UST. Faculty members are responsible for the documentation.

Responsibilities of Faculty Mentors

  • Assure all guidelines are followed.
  • Review and approve all proposals before submission.
  • Review all expenses and submit them for reimbursement within 30 days after travel is completed.

Research Budget Form Tips

Complete the appropriate parts including the cost and the amounts provided by the department and from grants. Excel will make the calculations. For the form see Research Funding Forms.

Covered Costs: Direct costs are for items used to complete the project or to prepare a report of the project's results. List the projected or actual costs, departmental funding, other grants received, any personal student costs and the amount requested. Student and faculty advisor's approval, implicit in the email submission, attests that estimated costs were obtained from possible vendors. The department chair's email approval attests that departmental amounts are correct.

Materials and Supplies: Include consumable items such as office supplies, software, chemicals, etc. Printing costs include copies of forms or materials and any publication or presentation costs (slides, overheads, poster supplies, etc.). Permanent equipment includes any durable equipment or tests required for the completion of the project. Any permanent equipment purchased, wholly or in part, with funds from the Committee on Student Research will be located in the sponsoring department, and the University has first right of refusal for the ownership of any equipment funded through this program.

Travel: If Travel is required to complete research procedures and to present research results, please see guidelines for funding (above) and required documentation.

Research Funding Proposal Tips

Forms are available on the Research Funding Forms page. This document includes a coversheet and a list of additional items that are part of the proposal. Complete the coversheet by filling in the appropriate blanks; the other pages may be typed or pasted from other documents. Each item should start a new page.