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Committee on Student Research

Current Committee Members

Ravi Srinivas, Associate VP of Academic Affairs
Terry Hall, Director of Honors Program
Joe Goetz, Reference Librarian, 2013-2016
Tim Carrizal, Representative from Media Services or Instructional Services
Sujin Horwitz, Faculty member from Cameron School of Business, 2008-11, 2011-2014
Catherine Barber, Faculty member from School of Education, 2011-2014
Rogelio Garcia-Contreras, Faculty member from History, International Studies, Political Science and Psychology, 2011-2014
Brigit Mellis, Faculty member from Natural Sciences and Mathematics, 2013-2016
Tom Harmon, Faculty member from philosophy and theology, 2013-2016
Livia Bornigia, At-large member, 2012-2015
Maury Harris, At-large member, 2013-2016
Jo Meier Marquis, At-large member, 2013-15
Shuoyang Zhang, At-large member, 2013-15
TBA, Student

Vacant positions:
One member from Philosophy and Theology


  • Ex officio: Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Director of the Honors Program, Reference Librarian
  • One member from the Office of Institutional Advancement
  • One member from Instructional Technology and Media Services
  • Five faculty members from schools with undergraduate programs
  • One member from the Cameron School of Business
  • One member from the School of Education
  • Three members from the School of Arts & Sciences
  • One member from Political Science and Psychology
  • One member from Natural Science and Mathematics
  • One member from Philosophy and Theology
  • Four at-large members from the faculty
  • One student member