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Scholarship student at University of St. Thomas in Houston, TexasIn addition to University scholarships and federal financial aid, UST encourages students to pursue outside scholarship opportunities. Please keep in mind that you should never have to send an application fee when applying for a scholarship.

Once awarded, outside scholarship funds are mailed to our office and posted to your student account. When you have been awarded an outside scholarship, communication with our office is important. Please have your outside scholarship donors mail the scholarship check(s) made payable to the University of St. Thomas (along with any correspondence) to:

University of St. Thomas
Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid
3800 Montrose Boulevard
Houston, TX 77006-4626

The following scholarship organizations have notified UST of their availability. UST also encourages you to explore the listed scholarship search engines to locate additional scholarships.


Apartment List Scholarship

As a company filled with many college grads, we know that college is an important life endeavor, but one that can be expensive. We couldn’t have graduated without a little help along the way, and we want to give back to the future leaders of America. Therefore, we are offering a $2,500 scholarship to outstanding students who exemplify one or more of Apartment List’s core values:

  • Bold While Pragmatic
  • Endlessly Helpful
  • Making an Impact
  • Driven by Data
  • Succeeding Together
  • Forever Learning

You may have mentored a fellow student, organized a fundraiser for charity, or gone on a humanitarian trip abroad. Whatever your achievements, we want to hear from you!

For more information please click here.


The Azazie Scholarship

Here at AZAZIE, we are proud to invest in the future by awarding scholarships to help promising students with rising tuition costs.  This is a new $1000 scholarship available for high school seniors, and college freshmen and sophomore students, who are accepted or enrolled at an accredited U.S. or Canada university/college during the 2018-19 academic year. Click here for the scholarship details.


Beco Life Scholarship

Here at Beco Life we understand that a proper education is the key to success but may not be financially feasible for students and their families. To help students achieve their educational aspirations, we are proud to announce the launch of the Beco Life $1,500 Scholarship Contest. For more information click here. Sleep Scholarship

At, we value education highly and want to give back to our community at large. We are also passionate about promoting sleep awareness and created this $1,000 scholarship to both help further that cause and to help students pay for the increasing costs of higher education. For more information click here.


Beyond Wellness Scholarship

We at the Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center are very excited to be offering an educational scholarship opportunity for your current and future students. We have launched the Spread the Word on Safety Scholarship that will be awarded once every year. The scholarship will be awarded to one dedicated student, either current or graduating high school senior, with acceptance to an accredited school or currently enrolled in an undergraduate college degree.  For more information click here.


CIA Scholarship

Submit your application now for our yearly $1,000 scholarship. Tell a story of how a healthcare worker has made a difference in your life or the life of someone near & dear to your heart. This person does not have to be a direct family member, but must be factually-based, and meaningful to you personally. For more information click here


Credit Zipper Scholarship Opportunity

The creation of the most inspiring future belongs to a generation of optimistic, young people who are able to work towards an equitable society. To be able to create an equitable society, young people will need to lead the change. They need to feel confident about their knowledge and learn to always have questions. We are eager to help you get the education that will transform your vision into reality. The winner of this contest will receive a $1,000.00 university scholarship. For more information click here.


DBD Law $1000 Scholarship Opportunity

A college education gives students the chance to study their field of interest that will help them with their careers later in life. However, money is often a major obstacle for most students. Whether it’s paying for tuition, room and board, or even textbooks, the price can deter people from pursuing higher education. At DBD Law, we believe that money shouldn’t get in the way of one’s educational career.

We’re offering a $1000 scholarship once a year to students who are in their first year or plan to start college or graduate school. We believe that helping our students now will give them the opportunity to create a better world for all of us. For more information click here


Dealspotr Couponing in College Scholarship

All of us at Dealspotr are dedicated to helping consumers save money and find great deals by using online coupons, promo codes, and printables. As part of that commitment, we want to help the next generation of consumers to become savvy shoppers as well. We're excited to announce a $2,500 scholarship to a current college student that has demonstrated expertise when it comes to utilizing coupons and deals to save money while in college. For more information click here.


Dolman Law Group College Scholarship Video Essay Contest

The Clearwater auto accident attorneys at the Dolman Law Group understand the value of education. After all, all of our attorneys have earned an undergraduate degree and successfully completed a rigorous juris doctorate program during law school. We also understand that college can place a tremendous financial strain on both students and their families. As a result, we are offering a $1,100 BI-ANNUAL scholarship to a current or prospective college student. For more information click here.



Grade Potential Tutoring Scholarship 

Grade Potential Tutoring is proud to provide Houston students with the opportunity to win an annual college scholarship of $1,000! We are proud to assist students with their investment in education. Many local families trust us with their educational investment on a regular basis, so we feel great about giving back in a similar way! Click here to learn more about our scholarship program and how to apply.


Healthcare Leaders Scholarship

The Healthcare Leaders Scholarship is offered to qualified applicants who are entering or currently pursuing an educational program related to nursing or medicine.  Interested applicants must submit a 600 to 1,000 word essay explaining what they hope to accomplish during their career in the medical field. Click here for more information. is awarding a need-based scholarship of $1,500 to college students. The need-based scholarship rewards students who are looking to better themselves, who have goals and dreams, and who are committed to achieving a college degree.  High school students, undergraduate students, master degree students, and adult learners are all encouraged to apply.


iPhone 8 cases Scholarship

We at help people get the best cases to protect the new iPhone 8, shop iPhone 8 cases designed to make an impact. We have the most stylish and practical iPhone 7 covers on the market. To contribute towards education we arestarting a scholarship program (Iphone8 Cases Scholarship) for the students so that they can get some help in meeting their education related expenses. One award worth $1,000 will be awarded. For more information click here.


LA Tutors 123 Scholarship

We at LA Tutors are passionate about sparking the creative genius in students and would love to commend those outstanding students who have a made a difference in the lives of others in some innovative or technological fashion. In order to achieve this, we have established a scholarship for students who meet certain criteria.  Please visit our website for more detailed information.


Lalco Interiors Scholarship

Lalco Interiors is one of the leading Home Décor chain in India. Our stores are located Pan India. We provide a range of luxurious as well as affordable home décor solutions. We believe new designs and innovations come from young minds, and we are always on lookout for something new. To help the young minds explore their creativity, Lalco Interiors has launched a scholarship program aimed at assisting students financially. For more information click here. 


Long Island Attorney Ronald D. Weiss Scholarship

The cost of obtaining a college education has grown rapidly over the past few decades, making it more and more difficult for many people to realize their educational goals. As an attorney, Ronald D. Weiss understands the value of higher education as well as the tremendous investment of time and money obtaining one can involve. In an effort to help a new generation meet their educational costs, Mr. Weiss is pleased to announce that he is offering incoming and existing college students an opportunity to win $2,500 college scholarship. For more information click here. Scholarship

Milwaukee Personal Injury Lawyer Group is excited to expand our horizons and offer a $500 scholarship. For more information click here.


Padua Latino Justice Scholarship 

Law Offices of Alejandro Padua is offering the Padua Latino Justice Scholarship of $2500 to a student currently enrolled in a U.S. University or Law School who are in need of financial assistance in order to help them achieve their academic and professional dreams. We are particularly encouraging applications from undocumented immigrants, DACA recipients and DREAMers, and students with pending immigrant or nonimmigrant visa applications.  You can find out more about the scholarship and essay topic here.


Peck Law Firm Scholarship

We are currently accepting applications for our $2,000 college scholarship to attend any accredited college/university, graduate school, or law school in the United States.  This scholarship is open to any American citizen, who will have graduated from high school before July 1, 2018. Only students, who have a 3.0 GPA or higher may apply for this scholarship. Any student wanting to be considered for the scholarship must complete the online application.  For more information click here.


Randolph Rice Injury Attorneys Scholarship

Here at Randolph Rice Injury Attorneys, we believe that a quality education can transform a dedicated student into a dynamic leader. However, we understand that the cost of higher education is prohibitive for many students and their families. Randolph Rice Injury Attorneys is proud to announce the launch of its annual $1,250 scholarship. The purpose is to award a one-time $1,250 scholarship to help a deserving college or university student fulfill his or her potential. For more information click here.


RawSpiceBar Scholarship

At RawSpiceBar, we believe that volunteer involvement is an integral part of a strong and prosperous community. To encourage this value, we’ve decided to reward a college or university student who demonstrates outstanding volunteer involvement in their community. The winner of our annual award will receive a $1,500 USD scholarship to use towards their tuition. For more information click here


Resume Companion

Our scholarship program is designed to get the student population of the US thinking about resumes at an early stage, ensuring they have practice in this essential area of career progression, before they head into the vocational world.  Every year, we are offering a $1,000 scholarship to the student who can create the best resume, based on the life of any fictional or non-fictional character, from TV, history, literature or myth.


Reyna Injury Lawyers scholarship

At Reyna Injury Lawyers, we understand people. We understand their need to feel that they are heard and their desire to pursue their dreams. This includes the area of education. Based on our experience as lawyers in a field that includes deciphering values and compensation, we understand the challenge of being able to fund a college education in these times. We have worked hard to get where we are as a law firm and we continue to work hard to help you get the compensation that you need, especially after experiencing a difficult event. Understanding these challenges has helped us to understand the challenges that face the students of the future, including physical, mental, and financial challenges. Based on that experience, we have a goal to assist students who are pursuing higher education, helping to alleviate the financial burden in the same way that we attempt to do this in our personal injury law firm. For more information click here.


SFSH Creative Writing Annual Scholarship

As a start-up company, we at Smart Home Group recognize the power of the written word, online and offline. Writing is also very important to students. Therefore, we want to help students exhibit their ability and creativity through writing about any smart home feature that they wish to see in the near future that can be a part of their smart home. We would like to offer the $1,000 SFSH Creative Writing Annual Scholarship to students, the next generation of our country. This scholarship program will also give the student an opportunity to gain relevant background about the smart home trends and motivate them to write down any creative ideas for smart furniture that they wish to have. For more information click here.


Slumber Search Scholarship

Slumber Search believes deeply in the value of education and to giving back to the next generation. We benefited from the generosity of others to attend college and start our entrepeneurial endeavors, such as Slumber Search and Home Brands websites. We believe in continuing this sponsorship for those that come after us. We are excited to open our 2nd annual scholarship for the 2018 - 2019 school year with a $1,000 scholarship. For more information click here


Start Standing Scholarship

At Start Standing, we value education. We also recognize the steep cost of college tuition and the expenses that come along with it like housing, books and supplies. In an effort to make things a little easier, we are proud to offer a biannual $1,000 scholarship to students who are currently attending or planning on attending college.  You can see more information about the scholarship here.


Strata Decision Scholarship

Strata Decision believes that our youth should have a better understanding of the healthcare industry and a stronger knowledge base of the important work that we do. Implementing health systems that increase the quality of patient care is crucial in the medical field. For those looking to enter into healthcare, Strata wants to ensure that we are a primary resource for education in the industry. Furthermore, we want to continue to offer online support by providing scholarships, internships and hiring qualified students after graduation. The Strata Decision Scholarship Fund will grant two students each $1,000 to be used towards books and tuition. For more information click here.



Student Loan Hero Scholarship

Student Loan Hero, an unbiased solution to organize, manage, and repay your student loans, is thrilled to award two (2) $1,000 scholarships each semester to help alleviate educational costs.  All applicants must be actively enrolled (at least part-time) in a college/university.

For information on requirements, how to apply, as well as the application itself, you can visit --


Sunseta Scholarship

we are excited to announce our annual $1,000 college scholarship for one U.S. undergrad pursuing a degree in business, management, or another related field – because we know just how important it is to have your potential realized and to get the support needed to fuel your future dreams.  Check out the details here to learn more about how you can win this scholarship from Sunesta.


Take Big Risks Scholarship

At Open Listings, our mission is to make homebuying simple and affordable, by giving everyone the confidence to own their future. Our company is filled with college grads from all over the country and we know how valuable that experience was in preparing us for our daily work. We couldn’t have graduated without a little help along the way, and we want to give back to outstanding students. In the spirit of owning your future, we are offering a $1,500 scholarship to outstanding students who exemplify Open Listings core values. For more information click here


The Recovery Village Scholarship

The Recovery Village is dedicated to maintaining exceptional service while providing unique opportunities for education and personal development. As part of this commitment, The Recovery Village is offering a $1,000 scholarship to students pursuing a medical-related course of study.


Toolversed Marketing Annual Scholarship 

We’ve created the Toolversed Marketing Scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduate students that have a desire and talent for producing exceptional content.  Students in all areas of study are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Those who are pursuing degrees in the Information Sciences, Marketing, Communications and Business may be particularly interested in applying.  For more information click here.


Top Notch Renovations Scholarship

Top Notch Renovations is proud to announce this exciting news!

If you’re a college/university/high school student or know someone who could use a hand, we are offering a $500 Academic Scholarship for the 2017-2018 academic year. For more information click here.



Tyroola Aftermarket Support Scholarship

Tyroola wants to do our part to help to help encourage innovation and positive growth. Towards that end, we created a $2500 annual scholarship contest with the goal of encouraging the professional and personal development of this generation’s dreamers. For more information click here


Under The Open Sky Scholarship

We know that affording education can be difficult which is why we set up our program to help aid the cost of attending.Those students who are currently studying in the areas of Marketing, Business, IT or Communications may be extremely interested in this scholarship program.  For more information, click here.


University Tutor Scholarship will conduct a scholarship essay contest by posting a monthly essay prompt (the “Contest”) located at To enter, eligible participants must log on to the website and submit an essay by 11:59 P.M. Eastern Standard Time by the last day of the applicable Contest Period and in accordance with the essay guidelines.


Unlimited Sotheby's International Realty Scholarship

Unlimited Sotheby's International Realty is excited to announce a $1,000 USD academic scholarship for the 2017-2018 academic year, (real estate related major is not required to apply). Given how many professions fall into the realm of real estate, by supporting education with a scholarship opportunity, we feel we are able to do two things that are core to our company's purpose. We are able to further our mission by increasing the level of education, knowledge and professionalism in the real estate industry. We have the opportunity to establish an educational philanthropy that provides financial support to students to begin a successful career in real estate. For more information click here


Varsity Tutors College Scholarship Contest

Varsity Tutors holds a monthly $1,000 college scholarship contest where students must write an essay in response to a monthly prompt. Visitors to the Varsity Tutors scholarship webpage are able to vote via social media for submitted entries. The top five entries with the most votes are reviewed by Varsity Tutors at the end of the month and one winner is subsequently chosen to receive the $1,000 college scholarship. Interested students can enter the contest here.


Wikibuy Scholarship 


The annual Wikibuy eCommerce and Online Retail Scholarship was established in 2018 to recognize current business majors and minors who demonstrate academic excellence and strong entrepreneurial thinking. Special consideration will be given to students interested in pursuing a career in online retail and eCommerce.

Along with the application, students must submit a 500-word essay meant to demonstrate their entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

Scholarship information here


Verbal Ink Transcription Services Scholarship

Each year, the Verbal Ink Transcription Services Scholarship awards a $1,500 scholarship to a graduating high school senior or current college freshman. The scholarship will be renewable each year for up to four years, provided that the award recipient maintains a 3.0 GPA or equivalent and completes the minimum number of credit hours required to be a full-time student each academic year.


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