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  Environmental Class Explores Energy Stewardship

Sister Damien Marie Savino, FSE

As the nation struggles with energy dilemmas like energy independence, students in the University of St. Thomas environmental science course, Energy for the Future, explore the foundations of both conventional and renewable energy technologies in light of environmental stewardship. Sister Damien Marie Savino, FSE, associate professor and chair of the Environmental Science and Studies Department, teaches her students the pros and cons of each technology.


Sindelar Weaves Foreign Service into Middle East Class

Dr. Richard Sindelar

While teaching a survey class on the Middle East and North Africa, Richard Sindelar can explain the enormity of Tahrir Square during talks of the Arab Spring in Egypt. He can lend his experience with settlements to a discussion of the Arab Israeli settlements. He has firsthand knowledge because Sindelar was a United States foreign service officer who spent almost half his career covering the Middle East.


Dr. Beena George Offers Current Outsourcing Research, Industry Insight for Students

Dr. Beena George

View a MBA class on outsourcing and learn more about Dr. Beena George, a specialist on sourcing management. George not only teaches outsourcing in her class, she also has led study abroad trips to India to expose students to the evolving impact of globalization.


Dr. Foust Engineers Success for Students

Dr. Henry Foust

In a typical class with Dr. Henry Foust, cooperative engineering and physics students might find themselves doing an experiment with temperature sensors in air, cold water and hot water." Foust, a visiting instructor in the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Cooperative Engineering, teaches courses in engineering, such as statics, dynamics, circuits Auto-Cad and thermodynamics. View a sample class with Foust and learn about UST's Cooperative Engineering Program.


Dr. Jon Taylor Talks Texas Politics, Y’all

Dr. Jon Taylor

Before he gets into the day's discussion in the Texas Politics class, Professor and Chair of Political Science Dr. Jon Taylor plays a little music. "It's a fun time as an icebreaker," he said. "Then we start off with what's in the news, what's being said about Texas government and Texas politics." By visiting bi-partisan websites, presenting lectures and then encouraging discussion, students learn about the politics of our state. View a sample class with Taylor, and go deep in the heart of Texas.


Bornigia Takes Fear Out of Public Speaking

Dr. Livia Bornigia

In front of an audience, Dr. Livia Bornigia, assistant professor of communication, encourages students to own their space. After all, your audience is only going to notice something went wrong if you behave as if something is wrong. See a sample public speaking class with Dr. Bornigia about "owning your space," and meet current and former students who share the benefits of public speaking.


Tinnerman Prepares Chemistry Students for Pre-Health Fields

Dr. Bill Tinnerman

Through individual attention, the University of St. Thomas Chemistry Department prepares pre-health students for success in medical and dental school and other health programs. See a sample Organic Chemistry class about ethers, and meet Dr. Bill Tinnerman, a professor of Chemistry, Dr. Duyen Nguyen '00, an alumni physician, and current students.



Dr. Ted Rebard Asks ‘What’s Love Got to do With It?’

Dr. Ted Rebard

View a philosophy class on metaphysics focusing on The Nature of Love and learn more about Dr. Ted Rebard, a philosophy professor whom students rave about. Students have changed majors after taking his classes.


Dr. Brady Knapp Emphasizes Comprehensive Musicianship

Dr. Brady Knapp

View a sample class video of the Opera Workshop experience - a delightful evening performance of magnificent scenes from classic operas - and listen in on a private voice lesson exemplifying UST's commitment to personalized attention from professors.


Dr. Jim Clarage Demonstrates What Makes the World Go Round

Dr. Jim Clarage

View a physics class focusing on conservation of angular momentum and learn more about Dr. James Clarage, a physics professor whose dramatic flair for explaining the most fundamental principles of nature occasionally prompts him to wear a toga.


Dr. Larious-Sanz Explains Intricate Details of Life

Dr. Maia Larios-Sanz

View a general biology class on the nature of the cell and learn more about how Dr. Maia Larios-Sanz, an assistant professor in the Biology Department at University of St. Thomas, who teaches her students to appreciate the many intricate details of life. View a general biology class on the nature of the cell and learn more about how Dr. Maia Larios-Sanz, an assistant professor in the Biology Department at University of St. Thomas, who teaches her students to appreciate the many intricate details of life.


Dr. K Makes Class Memorable, Motivational

Dr. Rick Krustchinsky

View a class on the integration of mathematics and literature where Dr. Rick Krustchinsky, an education professor, uses costumes and props to make his classes memorable and motivational.


Dr. Meier-Marquis Sheds Light on Mysteries of Attraction

Dr. Jo Meier-Marquis

View a psychology class in which Dr. Jo Meier-Marquis discusses the subject of dating and relationships. See how she engages her students in the topic by exploring the science behind interpersonal attraction.