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Troy Bassiri    
Troy Bassiri is a recent biology graduate who completed the pre-med program. During his senior year at University of St. Thomas, he participated in undergraduate research and still found the time to train for triathlons.

  Part 3

Troy Bassiri reflects on his time at UST while at graduation. He has enjoyed his experiences and is looking forward to beginning the next leg in his journey – medical school.   


Part 1

Troy Bassiri wants to be a cardiologist. It is a challenging journey that includes 11 more years of schooling, but Bassiri is dedicated to his vocation. His journey leads toward four years of medical school, a four-year residency, and a three-year fellowship, to specialize in cardiology. While this scholarly pursuit may frighten most people, Bassiri is genuinely excited to continue learning.


Part 2

Troy Bassiri finished his first Iron Man-length triathlon, a feat he credits to the discipline and strength he learned in his classes. It was a challenging journey but well worth the effort. His studies in biology along with his undergraduate research help him understand the biological changes happening in his body while working out, giving him a competitive edge and the ability to make the most of his training.



Amalia Torres    

Amalia Torres, a native of Colombia, is pursuing a career in nursing as a member of UST’s first cohort of nursing students. She balances studying with the challenges of being a single mother. 


Part 1

University of St. Thomas nursing student Amalia Torres is a long way from her native Colombia. After leaving her home country to pursue a career in journalism, her life has taken a few turns and has led her to the field of nursing.


Part 2

University of St. Thomas nursing student Amalia Torres and her daughter, Elena, have learned to strike a balance in their lives. By identifying priorities, working hard and staying disciplined, they are creating a brighter future for themselves.



Shirley Paul    

Shirley Paul is an upcoming senior who balances her time between athletics and studying biology in the pre-veterinarian program. She she is the libero on women’s volleyball team and enjoys animals.


Part 1

Shirley Paul discusses the joys and challenges of balancing school and athletics. A libero on the UST Women's Volleyball Team, Paul has a full plate as she studies biology in the pre-veterinarian Program.