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Two students at Club FairRequired Criteria for Starting a New Sport Club

  1. Sufficient student interest/participation in the sport
  2. Availability of facilities for practice and competition
  3. Availability of extramural competition within the region or availability of community activities for non-competitive sports
  4. Availability of coaches and/or instructors
  5. Proposed sport is not currently sponsored
  6. Acceptable risk level of sport
  7. Club officers appointed to assume responsibility for coordination of club
  8. Availability of funds to meet necessary expenses

Procedures for Petitioning to Become a Sport Club

  1. Consult with the Sport Clubs Office in Crooker for assistance in forming a new club
  2. Review contents of Sport Clubs Handbook, available in the Sport Clubs Office in Crooker, and be committed to following the rules and regulations
  3. Contact the Sport Clubs Association advisor and President for a club proposal meeting
  4. Contact the President of the Sport Clubs Association to be placed on meeting agenda

Funding Eligibility for New Sport Clubs

Funding for new clubs is based on the level of participation, available funds and program needs.  Money is allocated from the Sport Clubs Association budget. Teams may be classified according to the following:

  1. Probationary Status – granted to a forming club (status usually lasts one semester and includes minimum funding)
  2. Full Status – granted funds adequate for administration, equipment and travel