In many ways, the world is getting smaller. Pick any social media app and you can connect to someone on the other side of the world within a fraction of a second.

But you know it’s a big world full of wonders you can’t wait to explore. Whether you long to climb Chilean volcanoes or get to know the locals in a remote Irish village, you’ll find the perfect starting point for your journey at UST. Students from around the world visit our campus through our incoming exchange program.

Go beyond learning, beyond borders and beyond any classroom with UST’s many study abroad programs. You can study abroad as early as your freshman year.


UST Study Abroad Program
See and hear from students sharing the experience of studying abroad in Rome, how they afforded it and how it's changed their view of the world and their future.

Bon Voyage
Study Abroad Your Freshman Year

At UST, the First Year Experience Study Abroad program means you can explore Italy or Costa Rica during your first year.

Programs Offered

In addition to studying abroad your freshman year, you have several ways to venture to another land as part of your studies:

Discover the World, Empower Yourself​You’re a go-getter, you thrive on adventure and you want to expand your reach by exploring other cultures. To a potential employer or grad program, your inquisitive spirit and global community experience are invaluable. UST graduates who studied abroad are now working in a wide range of exciting career fields, including:

  • Health care
  • Law & legal services
  • Local, state, national & international government
  • Oil & gas consulting

From pre-law to pre-med and in any professional discipline, your natural leadership qualities, sense of ethics and desire to venture beyond your comfort zone will help you score a position of respect and responsibility in any organization.

Why UST - TextUST puts you right in the heart of global culture and social justice issues from the beginning of your first year until your senior year. The sense of empathy, community and global connection you’ll gain from our multiple programs will serve you far into the future.

Located in the heart of Houston, a city known for its international focus, UST is the perfect starting point for many journeys. If you’re looking for a study abroad program that promises great opportunity, UST provides the roadmap for a lifetime of discovery.

Brigitte Alejandro, Senior International Studies Major and Study Abroad participant at University of St. Thomas - Houston

Traveling to Ireland and across Asia through UST’s study abroad program enabled me to learn in a new, exciting way and develop a cross-cultural awareness.

Brigitte Alejandro English Teacher in Taiwan | BA International Studies, 2019

Discover Your Purpose, at Home & Abroad

University of St. Thomas - Houston study abroad student in front of scenic building in RomeAt UST, we emphasize the virtues of goodness, discipline and knowledge as you journey through the world to improve communities and enrich people’s lives. You’ll venture beyond the classroom and discover your purpose as you experience diverse cultures.

Balancing Catholic faith and education in our core curriculum, our liberal arts approach challenges you to look at situations from a different perspective, opening the door to the human side of any profession. When you travel and become connected to new communities, you calibrate your moral compass and develop incredible skills that help you become an effective, empathetic and bold leader.