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Start a New ClubThe Council of Clubs’ members base their decision to recognize a new club on the demonstrated need for the organization at the University.

Step-by-Step Guide for Organization Recognition

  1. Meet with the Assistant Director of Student Activities and/or COC Chair to discuss the proposed organization and its purpose, as well as to answer questions about the recognition process.
  2. Present to the COC Chair a packet of information containing the following items:
    1. A constitution or governing statement (see Writing and Updating Your Constitution in the COC Handbook)
    2. A roster of a minimum of 10 interested persons containing their name, @stthom e-mail address, and contact number
    3. A list of potential officers
    4. Name and contact information for the potential organization advisor
  3. The packet of information will be reviewed, and the Chair will enter the proposal onto the agenda for the next regularly scheduled COC meeting.
  4. The petitioning organization’s leadership must attend the COC meeting and make a presentation for recognition by the Board of Directors. The advisor must attend this meeting or send a letter representing his or her support of the petitioning organization.
  5. After deliberation among the Board of Directors, a motion to adopt a resolution of approval or disapproval of the application will be made and passed by a two-thirds vote.
  6. Upon approval, the aforementioned organization is eligible for all the benefits of membership.
  7. If the application for membership is not approved, the petitioning organization may re-apply the following semester.

After initial recognition, the organization must follow all procedures listed under the Registration & Annual Renewal section in the COC Handbook.