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Graduate Student Association socialGSA Mission Statement

The mission of The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is to represent and support the interests of the University's current and future graduate student community by supporting scholarly activities and providing leadership, service and social opportunities for its members. The GSA exists to enrich the experience of the University's graduate students and interested undergraduate students. The GSA accomplishes these objectives by responding to the changing collective needs of our primary constituents. The GSA is designed to serve all UST Graduate students.

Objectives of GSA

We aim to meet the following objectives:

  1. Support the University's Catholic mission and vision.
  2. Promote a community among graduate students and their families.
  3. Promote community with the rest of the university including the undergraduate students.
  4. Furnish accessible, reliable and valuable information, services and programs to current and prospective graduate students.
  5. Establish an influential network to aid in the professional development of students and alumni.

GSA hosts events targeted at different graduate schools such as a business networking night, large social events, and smaller club-related events. We aim to serve our graduate students in a variety of capacities and aim to be responsive to all students and their needs.

GSA Officers per component

GSA Executives

GSA President John Chimezie Idoko
GSA Vice President Naomi Garcia
GSA Secretary Ogor Kachikwu
GSA Treasurer Yanilde Macedo
GSA Programming Board Chair Nouf Alzara
GSA Club Systems Chair Shareika Benjamin
GSA Public Relations Officer Yemi Odufuye
Advisor Amanda Villanueva 

Graduate Clubs System


GSA Club System Chair

Shareika Benjamin

GSA Treasurer

Yanilde Macedo


Amanda Villanueva


Chief Justice Audrey Novak
Graduate Justice Azma Aslam
Graduate Justice    
Graduate Justice    
Graduate Clubs

Beta Alpha Psi - Cameron School of Business

  • We are building ethics in society through leadership, service and integrity.
  • Our vision is that we allow students to network with the business community, build professional relationships to facilitate career paths and create ethical leaders.
  • We also support the Amom Charity Foundation founded by UST’s MBA Alumni Afowiri Fondzenyuy.
  • Contact us at

Business Ethics Society - Cameron School of Business

  • Goal is building ethics in society through leadership, service and integrity
  • Network with the business community and build professional relationships to facilitate career paths
  • Create ethical leaders
  • Contact us at

Celt Toastmasters - All Programs

  • An international nonprofit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs.
  • Helps people of all backgrounds build confidence as speakers and leaders by offering a learn-by-doing opportunity that has been proven to create confident, charismatic negotiators.
  • Provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.
  • Contact us at

Faith and Culture Graduate Club - Center for Faith and Culture

  • Weave UST education in programs affiliated with the Center for Faith and Culture through club events, prayer sessions and everyday life. 
  • Meets individuals where they are to transcend the self in love through our various activities. 
  • Incorporates all faiths and breaks down cultural barriers to build an all-inclusive community who challenges individuals to let go of the teachings of the world and better understand what we are truly here for. 
  • Contact us at 

Gather Round the Thomists - Philosophy Club

  • Creates a forum for philosophical discussion outside the classroom among students and professors.
  • Offers philosophy graduate students opportunities to present their work before their peers for critical evaluation and further discussion.
  • Hones the public speaking, debate, and critical thinking skills of club members.
  • Contact GRTT President Joe Cherny at

Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) - School of Education

  • Implies fostering the high ideals of the education profession by assuming trusteeship of a rich professional legacy. 
  • Live out ideals including fidelity to humanity, service, science and toil. 
  • We work to teach so that our words inspire a will to learn, we serve so that each day may enhance the growth of exploring minds and we live so that we may guide young and old to the truth and love of the right. 
  • Contact us at