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SGA Constitution


The Student Government Association was formed to serve as the delegated voice of the Student Body, in which student opinions may be expressed and empowered in the student environment on campus.

As such, we are committed to advocating for the Student Body through continuous interaction with the students, faculty, staff and administration, ensuring that we are doing everything in our power to improve and enhance the quality of the student experience.


SGA is comprised of three different branches: Legislative, Executive and Judicial.

The Legislative branch, also referred to as the Senate, contains 5 senators from each class (freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior). Senators are tasked with representing their class and creating legislation in the interests of their constituents.

The Executive branch is comprised of the President, Vice President and their staff. They are charged with executing the legislation Senate passes and maintaining the day-today operations of the Student Government Association.

The Judicial branch, also known as the Judicial Council, oversees student elections on campus. In addition, should there be any complaint against a student-lead organization, the Judicial Council will oversee said hearing. Should Constitutional interpretation be needed, the Judicial Council will make all final ruling on what the Constitution says. Within the Judicial Council, there is one Chief Justice, 3 associate undergraduate justices and 3 associate graduate justices.

In the event that there are vacancies, the Senate will elect members among the Student Body to fill the void. Those wishing to apply for vacancies, please fill out the application.

Executive Officers

Freshman Senators

  • Freshman senate seats are all vacant

Sophomore Senators

Junior Senators

Senior Senators

Meeting Schedule

General Senate Meetings are held every other Tuesday, during the school year, from 12:30pm-2:00pm in the COC Room on the second floor of the Crooker Center. In addition, SGA Committee Meetings are held to which Senators seek input from the Student Body! Consider attending to have a direct impact on change here at UST!**

Our meetings are open to the public and we encourage student/staff/faculty attendance! If you are interested in receiving more information or have questions about SGA, please contact us at We look forward to seeing you!

** View a complete schedule of SGA meeting dates, times and locations.