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  1. Do I have to live with a roommate?

    The majority of our on-campus housing options are for double occupancy. If space is available, students may request a private room during the third week of the semester. 

  2. Can I choose my roommate?

    All students are encouraged to choose their desired roommates. Students, who have identified a roommate, may request each other on their housing contact. The office of Residence Life will approve the request as long as both students have requested each other, and space is available.

  3. When will I find out who my roommate(s) are?

    Roommate pairings take place in July for all students who have completed the housing contracting process and submitted a roommate questionnaire. Roommate pairings will be sent electronically, and will include the roommate’s contract information. 

  4. Do I have to have a meal plan?

    Yes, all residential students are required to have a meal plan. The University believes that a meal plan is an essential part of health and wellness, and building community.

  5. How does the university ensure student safety in the residence halls?

    All residential facilities include paraprofessional and professional live-on staff, who are trained in emergency response. All residential communities are monitored and patrolled by University Police and Residence Life.

  6. Why does Residence Life require a $300 Security Deposit?

    The $300 (refundable) security deposit is required to reserve a space on campus, and to cover incidentals during the year.

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