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Parking and Bicycle Regulations

Bike rack

Parking Information

Moran Parking Center

The Moran Parking Center is located at the corner of West Alabama and Graustark streets (enter on Graustark). Parking at the Center is available to all students, employees and visitors 24 hours a day.

Rate: $5 Per Exit

Pay machines are located at each exit and accept $1 bills, $5 bills, quarters and credit cards. 

Street Parking

There is ample street parking available on and around campus. Be sure to follow all parking regulations and signs. Street parking is monitored by the City of Houston.

Student Parking Permit:
  • Fall Semester: $100
  • Spring Semester: $100
  • Summer Semester: $60

Student parking permits can be purchased online or in person at the Business Office, located in the Herzstein Enrollment Center. A parking permit will allow you to park in the Moran Parking Center and in Student Lot S, located on Branard Street, near Montrose Boulevard. Lot S requires a parking permit from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday- Friday. After purchasing your permit, your vehicle must be registered with the University Police Department. A printed copy of your receipt must be provided when picking up the permit. Your student ID will be activated for use at the garage, and you will be issued a parking hangtag. The hangtag must be visible from the vehicles rearview mirror.

Parking Regulations & Permits

Parking permits may not be purchased for anyone not affiliated with the University of St. Thomas.

By purchasing your parking pass, you agree you have read and understand the Student and Faculty Parking Regulations.

For information, call the University Police Department at 713-525-3888 or email

Bicycle Regulations

The University promotes bicycling for ease and the health and environmental benefits. For the safety of the University community, we have adopted the following regulations: 

  • Bicycles must be parked only at bicycle racks.
  • Bicycles may not block pedestrian traffic nor be chained to stairwells or arcade columns.  
  • Violators may have their bicycle chained ($25 removal fee) or removed by the University Police Department. 
  • The University will not be held responsible for damaged locks.
  • Riding a bicycle on principal pedestrian sidewalks, through building walkways (inside or outside), or other pedestrian paths is not permitted.
  • Riders are expected to dismount when using pedestrian-only walkways.
  • University Police Department bike patrol officers are exempt from these limitations when performing official duties.