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The Elevator Pitch   The Elevator Pitch
In 15 seconds or less … can you clearly, confidently and concisely convince a CEO to hire you? Learn how to perfect your pitch. Download Quick Tips (PDF)
Importance of Networking   Importance of Networking 
What does “networking” really mean, and how do you use it to your advantage? Experts reveal how to make the most of YOUR network to land the job that you want. Download Quick Tips (PDF)
Interview Dress for Men   Interview Dress for Men
Hear from an expert why it matters what you wear. See what works and what doesn’t when a top retailer shows young men how to dress for success. Download Quick Tips (PDF)
Interview Dress for Women   Interview Dress for Women
Appearance can make or break your job search. Fashion experts show the possible pitfalls and advise young women on what to wear. Download Quick Tips (PDF)
The Cover Letter   The Cover Letter 
The cover letter can make all the difference and land you an interview. Know what to say and how to say it so potential employers notice you. Download Quick Tips (PDF)
Informational Interviews   Informational Interviews
What are informational interviews and why do them? Learn from the experts what to say, what NOT to say and why these interviews provide great training and more. Download Quick Tips (PDF)
Top 10 Interview Mistakes   Top 10 Interview Mistakes
The job interview is the best opportunity to make an impression on an employer and land the job. Know what major mistakes to avoid. Download Quick Tips (PDF)
 Researching Companies   Researching Companies
Research sounds time consuming and tedious. Learn the “shortcuts” to gaining the inside scoop on a company to see if it’s right for you. Download Quick Tips (PDF)

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