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Student Government

SGA Constitution


The Student Government Association was formed to serve as the delegated voice of the Student Body, in which student opinions may be expressed and empowered in the student environment on campus.

As such, we are committed to advocating for the Student Body through continuous interaction with the students, faculty, staff and administration, ensuring that we are doing everything in our power to improve and enhance the quality of the student experience.


An important role in the Student Government Association is a Senator for the various classes. Per our Constitution, each class is allotted 5 Senators. The Senate is comprised of all the elected Senators in which is vested the legislative power of the Student Government Association. Through legislation, the Senate works towards improving the student experience here at UST. 

In the event that there are vacancies, the Senate will elect members among the Student Body to fill the void. Those wishing to apply for vacancies, please fill out the application.

Executive Officers

Jacob Dilworth, President

Greg Pirolli, Vice President

Gabe Garrido, Public Relations Director

Matthew Rayeski, Finance Officer

Gregg Garrido, Secretary

Lan Vu, Parliamentarian

Freshman Senators

Freshmen senators will be elected by the Freshmen Class Student Body.

Important dates:

  • September 19: Freshmen Candidate Speeches in Jones Hall from 12:30pm-2:00pm.
  • September 20th and 21st: Elections from 10am-2pm and 5pm-7pm
  • September 30: MANDATORY Freshmen Senator Training Seminar from 10am-2pm in Malloy Board Room.

Sophomore Senators

Maddie Krumenauer

Joseph Nemec

Clare Espinoza

Alejandra Martinez

Katrina Nguyen

Junior Senators

Roberto Brunel

Carlos Guiterrez

Alexandria Pigott

Raquel Ginebra

Josue Alvarez-Rodriguez

Senior Senators

Javier Gonzalez

Aaron Ruff

Christian Solano

Paul Varghesse

Jason Brancato

Meeting Schedule

General Senate Meetings are held every Tuesday, during the school year, from 12:30pm-2:00pm in the COC Room on the second floor of the Crooker Center.

Our meetings are open to the public, and we encourage all students to attend our meetings to see your elected representatives at work. If you are interested in attending or receiving information about SGA, please contact us at We look forward to see you!