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Mobile DevicesLock down your mobile devices! 

Many computer users, especially those who travel for business, rely on laptops, PDAs and cell phones because they are small and easily transported. But while these characteristics make them popular and convenient, they also make them an ideal target for thieves and hackers. Attackers may be able to take advantage of these technological advancements to target devices that were once considered secured.

An attacker may be able to infect your laptop, PDA or cell phone with a virus, steal your phone or wireless service or access the data on your PDA. Not only do these activities have implications for your personal information, but they could also have serious consequences if you store sensitive information on the device. Make sure to secure your mobile devices to protect both the device and the information it contains.

What should I do to protect my mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.)?

  • Treat your device just like you would a computer.
  • Password-protect your mobile devices with strong PIN/Passphrases to protect access and loss of confidential data.
  • Keep your mobile OS and apps up to date.
  • Always keep your firewall and security software enabled (if it is an option).
  • Do not follow suspicious links sent in email or text messages or visit suspicious websites.
  • Encrypt your files.
  • Backup your files regularly.

Take precautions to secure your cell phone and PDA in the same way you secure your computer (see Cybersecurity for Electronic Devices and Protecting Mobile Devices: Data Security for more information).

If you have any issues or questions regarding safeguarding your mobile devices, please contact the IT Help Desk at For additional IT security information, go to our website at


Cyber Security Tip III: Lockdown Mobile Devices

Password protect & lock mobile devices. Back up your smartphone, PDA, and laptop!