University Print & Copy System

Valid UST ID Cards

Only UST ID cards issued after August 2003 work with this new system. Contact the Office of Student Affairs at 713-525-2141 for a new or replacement identification card.

Add-Value Stations

Users can add value to their UST ID or “Temporary Copy/Print Card” by using the Add-Value Station located in Doherty Library. The Add-Value Stations ONLY ACCEPT CASH, specifically $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills. Additional instructions are located next to the “Add-Value Stations."

Temporary Copy/Print Cards

Users can purchase Temporary Copy/Print Cards from a “Card Dispenser” located in Doherty Library. These cards were enacted primarily to support library visitors. Monies can be added to this card via the Add-Value Stations similar to your UST ID. This machine will only accept $1 bills.

Print & Copy Rates

Printing (Black & White) 10 cents/pg.
Printing (Color) $1.25/pg. (Robertson Lab Only)
Copying (Black & White) 10 cents/pg.
Temporary Copy / Print Card $1/card


User can print by using a “Print Release Station” located in Doherty Library. These release stations have readers enabling the use of your UST ID or Temporary Copy/Print Card. Additional instructions located next to the “Print Release Stations."


Users can copy by using the devices connected to the printers. Additional instructions are located next to the copiers.

Old Library Copycard/Lab Print Cards

Values of both cards can ONLY be transfer red to UST IDs at the Doherty Library Circulation Desk! NOTE CUT OFF DATES.
UST Malloy Computer Lab Prints Cards—September 9, 2005
Doherty Library Copy Cards—October 31, 2005

Values transfer will not be honored after these dates!!!

Lost/Stolen UST ID’s or Temporary Print/Copy Cards

The monies stored on the lost or stolen UST IDs or Temporary Print/Copy Cards can not be replaced or transferred. Therefore loss of the card represents loss of the stored monies.


Cable TV

Phonoscope provides programming and the operation of the UST Cable TV System. The service includes standard cable service, 72 channels and is available in Link Lee, Moran Center, Murphy Hall, Carriage House, Crooker Center and Guinan Hall.

Faculty and staff should call the Information Technology Help Desk at 713-525-6900 for availability and to open a work order to request cable TV service. A monthly service fee will apply.

*Guinan Hall Residents—A patch cable is required to connect from the cable jack on the wall to the TV set. You may supply your own RG-59 patch cable, or you may buy one at a retail store.
**View the Channel Listing PDF document
***Channels are subject to change without notice.