How do I request data?

Faculty, staff and administrators of the UST community can request information supporting their professional responsibilities using our online Information Request Form. Please include these details: the purpose of your request, how you will be using the data, specific criteria and variables you would like in the output. Please review “Right of Access to Student Information” prior to submitting your request.

Given the data-intensive nature of our mission of service to the UST campus, we ask that all information requests be made as far in advance as possible so that we can provide you with data in a timely and helpful fashion. We will respond to all requests as soon as possible, but large or complex requests may require a minimum of three weeks. During intensive reporting months (September and February), response to requests may be longer. Please plan your requests accordingly.

The Information Request Form is intended only for the UST community. External constituents should consult the Common Data Set for frequently requested information. Please contact our office ( if you have any further questions.

Right of Access to Student Information

The Office of Administrative Computing and Institutional Research (ACIR) will provide data to a full time UST employee, administrative or academic department, or University- recognized student group (with advisor/sponsor authorization) according to the following guidelines:

  1. Data are needed to perform duties specific to an official, legitimate job function; or
  2. Data are intended to target specific subgroups of students and the event being announced must be open to the larger UST community and be advertised publicly; or 
  3. Data are intended to qualify students, inclusion in honor societies.

Lists of current majors/minors or alumni in a major/minor will be provided to chairs of academic departments or programs. Lists of students who have yet to declare a major will be provided only in support of a system-wide programmatic effort such as a Majors Fair, FYE advising, etc.