Blackboard 9.1 Info.

Please take a few minutes to review the information concerning the Blackboard upgrade, currently scheduled for implementation in Spring 2011.  Some important details for the Fall 2010 semester are included.  Please check this page for additional details as they develop.

We are excited to announce the upcoming upgrade of the Blackboard system.  The IT team is busy working on details of the newly released Blackboard 9.1 (Bb 9.1) product and we are encouraged by the new functionality and flexibility the system can provide for enhanced teaching and facilitation of online learning. 

While most of the basic tools do not change, the overall interface has been updated and contains new features, navigation, customization options and advance functions that will provide you and your students with greater opportunities for interaction and sharing, with a focus on social networking, collaboration and personalization of the learning experience.

You can preview some of the features of the new system by visiting the Blackboard corporate sites below. 

NOTE: Some features discussed in the sites above will not be available for the initial rollout of 9.1. Some features may require additional testing and training that cannot be completed by the targeted implementation schedule. We will detail the new features in future communications.

** The On-Demand Learning Center contains materials and discussions for various versions and product lines of Blackboard, such as WebCT Vista.  Not all content is applicable.  We recommend that you spend some time looking at the Course Environment and Course Content sections.

Bb 9.1 Training
Training will begin in Fall 2010.  Our testing, research and consultation with other schools indicates that successful migration necessitates training for all of our Blackboard faculty community. We ask that you partner with us so that we can help make the transition as smooth as possible.

To assist with the transition and provide you with every opportunity to work with the features of the new environment, we will provide you with a development course in the 9.1 system after you have received training.  You can begin copying material and building your Spring course.

As we finalize the training plan and options, we will announce them via email and on the Bb 9.1 upgrade site. Please watch for these important announcements during the summer and fall. 

Bb 8 Training Discontinued
To meet a target release of Spring 2011, Fall 2010 will be the last semester we utilize Blackboard 8.  Due to the realignment of efforts to finalize the development and training for Bb 9.1, no Blackboard 8 training will be provided during Fall 2010. 

Important:  Any new faculty, full-time or adjunct, who wishes to utilize Blackboard 8 during the Fall 2010 semester will need to be familiar with the Bb 8 system and have utilized it before.  We recommend that any new faculty who are not familiar with  the system not use Blackboard for the Fall 2010 semester.
We will continue to support Bb 8 for technical concerns and  issues that arise in your classes through the Fall 2010 semester.

Additional Details
Please see the Blackboard 9 Implementation pdf and the Overview of BB 9 pdf document for a general overview of the important project targets and some of the key differences and advantages of the Bb 9.1 system.

We will be sharing additional details on this page as they become available.