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As a plagiarism prevention tool, Turnitin instantly identifies papers containing unoriginal material. Turnitin’s comprehensive plagiarism prevention system allows instructors to quickly and effectively check all of their students’ work in a fraction of the time necessary to scan a few suspect papers using a search engine. Below are a few useful tutorials to assist you in getting started with Turnitin.

How to Access Turnitin

To get started with Turnitin, log into Blackboard, and click Initiative for University Excellence in your My Organizations module. Select the Subscription Resources item on the Organization Menu pane. Instructions are provided in the Turnitin section of that content area.

If you are missing this organization in your Blackboard account, please contact

Instructors can provide access after creating their Turnitin accounts. Contact your instructor with any questions about access to their section on

General Help

As Turnitin is a standalone system, completely separate from Blackboard or UST, the primary source of support and training will come from the vast knowledge base contained on as well as their assortment of tutorials for both instructors and students. Turnitin’s native support even includes a live online assisted walkthrough of the product given daily.

Below are some links to PDF files with instructions for Turnitin setup.