System Updates - More Information

The University of St. Thomas relies to a great extent on the campus network and core services for administrative and academic services. In order for these systems to perform at their best, periodic maintenance of these systems is required. During the maintenance period, upgrades, patches or replacement of equipment will take place which may affect portions of the network. These maintenance events may cause the affected network to be unavailable or users on that same network to experience periodic interruption of service.

IT will notify users when possible via email of any service interruption. Examples of such events that may force unexpected interruption of service are emergency, weather and vendor maintenance.

Users will also be notified in advance via email when systems requiring extended maintenance time beyond the regularly scheduled maintenance period need service. Such extended time periods may be required for upgrades to systems such as the administrative, course management, library or Internet service systems.

If there are any questions about the availability of a system, please contact the IT Help Desk at 713.525.6900 or check the website at