Brand Guidelines and Resources

 UST Seal 500x330It is essential that all communications follow the brand guidelines established by Brand Marketing. We want to continue to effectively represent the University at all times.

Some important things to remember are:

  • The name is University of St. Thomas, NOT St. Thomas University
  • When it is appropriate to use certain logos (i.e. Celt Lion is for athletics, University seal is used for diplomas, transcripts, certificates of completion, and on formal official documents issued on behalf of the University))
  • University social media accounts should be approved by Marketing in advance. Departments should not setup their own pages without approval.
  • We offer these resources as tools to assist the planning process and help ensure the formatting of UST images and messages are consistently communicated to our various constituents.
Seal, Brand and Logo Use

Brand Marketing is responsible for overseeing day-to-day usage of all University logos in accordance with University graphics standards. University logos must be reproduced from official artwork available in appropriate electronic file formats at the UST Logo Gallery or through Creative Services.

Visit the online Logo Gallery

Communications such as invitations, brochures, newsletters, catalogs and advertisements reach an audience who will form impressions that serve as the basis for opinions and attitudes. Therefore, all publications must originate or seek approval from the Office of Marketing, Admissions and Student Services to ensure that a clear, consistent image of the University is presented. This includes projects that are designed or produced by outside vendors. University letterhead, envelopes and business cards are purchased through the Mail Room.

Email Signatures

It is important for all communications from the University of St. Thomas be consistent with the UST brand. We encourage the use of the following email signatures by all UST faculty and staff.

What To Include


  • Full Name
  • University of St. Thomas


  • Position/Title
  • School/Department
  • Street Address
  • Simplified URL


  • Office Location/Hours
  • Fax Number
  • Additional Phone Numbers
  • Social Media Links

*Email signature should not be longer than 12 lines.

Do’s And Don’ts
  • Do keep it simple, including only essential information in three to eight lines.
  • Do use our alternative font Calibri or Helvetica sized 11-14 points is encouraged. Other fonts may not display correctly.
  • Do use a single color, such as black or dark gray.
  • Do include simple URLs (without “http://www”)
  • Don’t include tag lines or quotes; they may be perceived as University-wide statements.
  • Don’t include photographs or images as they increase the overall size of the email.
  • Don’t include a street address unless you frequently host visitors.

*Please note that exceptions include pronouns and University-specific campaigns, such as official social media account promotion, admissions, event ticket sales, or fundraising.

Additional Resources