The Office for Student Success collaborates with other offices to promote and support success at the University of St. Thomas. The Office for Student Success offers students at the University of St. Thomas:

In addition, the Office for Student Success works with the UST community in providing:

Mendenhall Summer Institute 

A five-week program offered to a select and limited group of incoming freshmen, the Mendenhall Summer Institute allows students to get an early start on their college education in addition to having an opportunity to earn a grant for tuition at UST.

First Generation College Student Support

Assistance is provided to all UST first-generation students to them succeed in becoming college graduates by providing a support network offering interactions and participation in the UST community.

Freshman Symposium

Freshman Symposium introduces students to the University by focusing on St. Thomas’ mission to educate leaders who can think critically, communicate effectively, lead ethically and succeed professionally. The Office for Student Success serves as a member of the planning committee and assists in Freshman Symposium mentoring.