Parents with their first generation studentParents who never attended college are, in a way, “students” themselves in learning about the college environment. Read the following tips which comes from K. L. Coburn and M. L. Treeger’s 2003 book, "Letting Go: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding the College Years."

  • Become familiar with what many colleges call Student Affairs
    • This is the area of colleges that concentrate on student development and out-of-classroom experiences.
    • These offices provide valuable resources.
    • Your student should consider this office as a part of their “team” for success.
  • Expect the student to encounter several “identity” changes in the following areas:
    • Intellectual
    • Cultural and ethic
    • Spiritual and religious; and
    • Other individual challenges
  • Work on building the student’s confidence in both the academic and social environments on campus
  • Identify whom to go to for help as the key for eventual success in college

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