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Company Deferment

The University of St. Thomas offers students a form of payment which allows students to defer their tuition and fee charges until the end of the term if they are eligible for employer tuition reimbursement programs. 

At the time of registration, eligible students must submit to the Business Office a letter from the employer certifying eligibility for the program for the current term as well as the percentage of reimbursement granted.  Any percentage of tuition not covered by the employer reimbursement must be paid at the time of registration. 

Students are required to sign a promissory note and pay a nonrefundable $75 fee per deferment. 

Students who fail to fulfill the obligations to which they have agreed under a company deferment plan are ineligible to enroll in a company deferment plan in subsequent semesters.

The employer’s letter and promissory note are required every semester and must meet the following requirements:

* it must be on company letter-head

* it must verify employment for the student

* it must state the percentage of the reimbursement or the maximum dollar amount allowed

* it must list any conditions or requirements for reimbursement (such as grade requirements)

The name & signature of the company’s Human Resource Manager or the employee’s supervisor must be on the letter.

Please fax or scan the signed and dated Company Deferment Promissory Note along with your employer’s letter and proof of payment to fax 713-525-2172, attention:  Laida Trad or e-mail address